Japanese-born Melbourne artist
. . . oil paintings of portraits, still lifes, regilous, landscapes and more
in his own fantastic style


New York artist SUZANNAH B. TROY
. . . art with heart . . . full of "spiritual vitamins"


Virginia artist JENNIFER YOUNG . . . expressive oil paintings
and art prints (figurative, still life and landscapes)



Spanish artist painting exceptional realism



Los Angeles artist also painting exceptional realism


American artist painting wonderful figurative oils


Chinese artist VICTOR WANG . . . living in America painting extraordinary figures in oils


French artist FRANCOISE NIELLY . . . powerful portraits and figures of
men and women in oils using a palette knife


Chinese artist XUE YANQUN . . . beautiful realistic nudes and portraits


Australian artist DION ARCHIBALD . . . contemporary paintings and drawings


Pakistan artist MOIN H. SHAH . . . unique work in a multi-layered acrylic expressionist style


New Zealand artist BRYCE BROWN . . . bold figurative paintings using strong line,
texture and colour to capture the essence of the human form


English artist DEBORAH BATT . . . nudes, abstract, still life and landscapes in acrylics


Kumiko S. McKee is a contemporary artist based in Colorado who uses classical techniques to create realistic images that are partly abstract. Her paintings exhibit a high level of detail with finely rendered figures and complicated patterns. They are not only beautiful to look at, but contain individualized stories.


American artist MICHAEL SPROUSE . . . painting contemporary portraits


New York artist LOU PATROU . . . drawings and paintings


Oakland artist STEW ELLINGTON . . . original oil and acrylic paintings on canvas
addressing themes of language, identity and the nature of being


Los Angeles artist KAMI . . . original paintings of musicians, music, nudes,
portraits and abstraction . . . be sure to click on the 'new work' link


Florida artist SCOTT SCHEIDLY . . . very original . . . very talented . . .
decided to stop eating his paint and putting it on canvas . . good choice